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Submission Rules:

All submissions are manually reviewed by the staff. We reserve the right to reject or modify any submission.

Follow these simple guidelines when submitting to maximize your chances of acceptance. Failure to follow ANY of these rules will guarantee that your submission will be rejected. 

  • We do not accept websites that contain or endorse pornography or adult material, gambling, illegal content or activities, drugs, hate, racism, get rich quick schemes, pharmacy or pills, etc.
  • Use proper capitalization for the title, example; Title of My Site
  • The title must be relevant to the site; use the business name or a very brief sentence describing what the site is about
  • The title must not read like an ad, and cannot be a list of keywords
  • Do not include a URL in the title
  • Do not use exaggerated terms in the title such as "greatest", "best", "cheapest"
  • Take the time to choose the most relevant category for your submission; mis-categorized submissions will always be rejected
  • The description should simply describe what your site is about; no keyword stuffing allowed
  • Do not mention pricing or any promotional details that could change over time in the description
  • Do not include phone numbers, addresses, or URLs in the description
  • Your website must contain a substantial amount of content; under construction or partially built sites will be rejected
  • Sites comprised mostly of affiliate links and ads will be rejected
  • If rejected during submission review, there will be a full refund made within 24 hours of any fees you may have paid
  • Sites or articles who's links or content is changed so that these rules are no longer met subsequent to acceptance in the directory, will be deleted from the directory with no refund due
Be sure to also review our Terms of Service before submitting.